Mass Loaded Vinyl or MVL is a sound barrier blocking material known as a “Limp Mass Barrier.” The material is comprised of two principle ingredients: vinyl — to give the MLV flexibility, “the limpness” and, a naturally occurring, high mass element.Mass Loaded Vinyl is a safe, non-toxic noise barrier designed to hang as a limp mass in a variety of soundproofing applications. MLV offers an alternative to Lead, at a lower price point. Mass loaded vinyl is available in one or two pound per square foot density.The vibration of an object, a sound source, causes waves to be transmitted through air to our ears. It is this undulatory motion of air particles that triggers a cascade of mechanical and electrical events leading, ultimately, to the sensation of hearing..

Flooring Solutions

Hardwood Flooring ▪ Raised Access Flooring ▪ Vinyl Flooring ▪ Carpets ▪ Rubber Flooring ▪ WPC Decking . . .

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Acoustic Solutions

Sound Masking System ▪ Sound Absorption Wall Panel ▪ Acoustic Fabrics ▪ Acoustic Walls . . .

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